Inking feature in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

If you draw with a pen, mouse pointer, or your finger on atouch-enabled device, PowerPoint will convert the drawing to shapeautomatically with the inking feature. Simply draw onto theslide background and watch the magic happen. When writing any mathproblems with a pen, mouse pointer, or finger, the writing will beconverted to math symbols and will subsequently open up the Math Tools, Structures, and Symbols groups. Note that you can usedifferent Pens to draw with ink onslides within the presentation:

  1. Click on the Draw tab on theribbon, and then select Ink to Shapefrom the Content group, asillustrated in the following screenshot:
ms office 487
  1. Draw onto the slide using the mouse pointer, or use a touch pen oryour finger to draw a shape if you have a touch-enabled device. Thedrawing is immediately converted to a shape. After drawing text, selectthe text, and click Ink toShape. 

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