Inserting a cover page quick part in Microsoft Word 2019

Cover pages make documents look professional and also offer the useran efficient way of adding a first-page introduction to a long document.There are many styles to choose from, either within Word 2019 andonline, and we can control where to place the cover page in thedocument:

  1. For this demonstration, we will open the document calledCoverPages.docx.
  2. Click the Insert tab.
  3. In the Pages group (at the veryleft of the ribbon), choose the CoverPage drop-down arrow. A gallery of pages will appear:
ms office 319
  1. To view more pages, click on the MoreCover Pages from option. Please note that an activeinternet connection is necessary.
  2. Click to insert the desired cover page into the document orright-click to access more options to control where you would like toplace the page.
  3. Once the cover page has been inserted into the document, you will beable to add or format the information as desired.
  4. Deleting the cover page is easy – simply access theCover Page drop-down menu from theInsert tab and select Remove Current Cover Page.

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