Inserting a form’s background image in Microsoft Access 2019

When adding an image to the form’s background, you need to decidewhere you would like it to be displayed. If we use Design view to add a background image, theimage will appear in the background behind the form fields. In Layout view, the image will be addedalongside the form fields. Although the image is seen in differentpositions in Design view and Layout view, the image in Form view will appear to the right of thedata:

  1. Open StudentFrm in Designview or Layout view.
  2. Click on the Format tab locatedunder the Form Layout Tools contextualmenu.
  1. Select Background Image, and thenselect an image from the recently used list provided or browse for animage on your computer to add to the background of the form. Click onOpen and the background will apply tothe form:
ms office 497
  1. To remove the image from the background, right-click on the form’sbackground in Design view. SelectForm Properties fromthe provided list. The Form Propertieslist will appear to the right of the form. Click on the All category tab, and then scroll down tolocate the Picture element:
ms office 155
  1. Delete the filename of the image—in this example,SafestSolutionsLogo. A dialog box will appear, prompting youto confirm whether you want to delete the image. Click Yes to continue and save the form.
Note that there is also an InsertImage option, which is located on the Design tab of the Form Design Tools contextual menu. Thisoption will allow you to draw the image onto the form’s header, shouldyou wish to have more control over the image placement.

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