Inserting a header and footer in Microsoft Word 2019

Follow these steps to learn how to insert a header and footer:

  1. Open the document that you wish to add a header to. We will continuewith the HeadersFooters.docx document.
  1. On the Insert tab, locate theHeader & Footer group.
  2. Click on the Header icon to accessthe drop-down list:
ms office 157
  1. Choose a built-in style to suit your document.
  2. Notice that the list contains different types of headers such as oddand even page headers and styles.
  3. For this example, we will use Blankheader.
  4. Type in the text so that it appears at the top of each page in theplaceholder provided. In this case, Report on Services2019 will be inserted. Notice that all the pages update withthe header text:
    1. To type text into the center of the page, press the Tab keyon your keyboard once.
    2. To type text on the right of the page, press the Tab keytwice on your keyboard:

ms office 4

  1. The footer area is also available to edit.
  2. Use the scrollbar to move to the bottom of a page or click on theGo to Footer icon on the Design ribbon.
  3. Using the keyboard, type the text you wish to appear on the left ofthe footer. In this case, we will type Safest SolutionsGroup. If you want to place text in the center or tothe right of the page, simply press Tab on yourkeyboard to get there!
  4. Press Tab to navigate the center of thefooter.
  5. Click on the Date & Time iconon the Header & Footer ToolsDesign ribbon.
  6. Select the date/time format you require from the dialogbox. If you would like the footer date to update automatically each timeyou open the document, make sure that UpdateAutomatically is selected.
  7. To exit your header area, click on the Close Header and Footer icon or double-clickoutside of your header, onto a page in your document.
If a custom header already exists in the document and you select eitherone of the built-in styles or page number styles, it will replace thecontents of the current header or footer.

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