Inserting an outline in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

In this section, we will learn how to insert an outline from apreviously-typed Word document. Follow these steps:

Please note that you will not able to insert images, shapes, or anyartistic features in the Outline view. 
  1. Open the Safest Solution-Benefits.pptx presentation forthis example.
  2. Go to Home | New Slide | Slides from Outline…:
ms office 220
  1. Browse to locate the outline (Outline.docx) to insert itinto the presentation. The file extension can be .rtf(Rich Text Format); .docx (MicrosoftWord document); or .txt (text fileformat).
  2. Click Insert.
  1. The outline will be inserted into PowerPoint, thus splitting theinformation across multiple slides.
  2. Format the information as required.

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