Inserting and deleting rows and columns in Microsoft Excel 2019

  1. Click on row 9 to select it. Weare using the example from the previous topic.
  2. Make sure that the mouse pointer is positioned on the 9 when you select it.
  3. Click to select the Insertdrop-down list from the Cellsgroup.
  4. Click to select Insert Sheet Rows,as illustrated in the following screenshot: 
ms office 401
  1. A new row (empty row) appears above row 9.
  2. Other methods are also available in order to insert a new row. Youcan right-click on a row, and then choose Insert from the shortcut menu provided; orselect a row, and while holding down the Ctrl keyon the keyboard, press the+ signHint: keep pressing+ to insert more than one row.
  3. To delete rows, click to select the row to delete, and thenwhile holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard,press the sign. You can also usethe right-click method on a row to delete therow, as well as choosing the Delete SheetRows option from the Deleteicon, located on the Cellsgroup.
Note that the preceding instructions apply to columns, except that youwould choose the Insert Sheet Columnsand Delete Sheet Columns options fromthe Cells group.

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