Inserting and editing comments in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

Comments are useful when collaborating with others online in realtime, or for sharing a presentation with others for comment at a latertime. You can add comments to any part of a presentation. Note thatcomments are not displayed while presenting a slide show.

  1. Open the presentation to which to add comments—we will work on theComments.pptx presentation as an example.
  2. Select an object (text, picture, textbox, chart, table, shape, clipart object, SmartArt object, or slide) to insert into thepresentation.
  3. Comments can be inserted using the Insert tab, the Review tab, or from the Comment icon on thestatus bar.
  4. Click to select the Inserttab.
  5. From the Comments group, selectthe New Comment icon.
  6. The Comments Pane will open to theright of the application—notice that the comment is inserted ready forinput in the Comments Pane, and theComment icon marker is displayed in the top-left corner of theslide.
  7. Enter a comment in the comment text area provided in the Comments Pane, as illustrated in thefollowing screenshot:
ms office 666
  1. The comment is inserted and awaits a reply. If the presentation iscreated in a shared location, users will be able to reply to commentsand collaborate.
  2. To receive comments from people outside of your organization, sharethe presentation with others, who would then be able to reply tocomments in real time.

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