Inserting and formatting lists in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

It is a personal preference as to how you would like to insert andformat lists on slides in PowerPoint. Either insert the text first andthen apply the list or apply the list and then enter the text:

  1. Open the presentation called ProductGrpSSG.pptx
  2. Locate the slide that contains the text you wish to apply a bulletor numbered list to.
  3. Choose the desired option from the Paragraph group by clicking on either thebullet or numbers icon.
  4. To change the bullet or number type, click on the drop-down arrownext to the bullet or numbering icon.
  5. Select Bullets and Numbering fromthe bottom of the list.
  6. A dialog box will open, offering options that you can use tocustomize the numbered or bulleted list:
ms office 67
  1. You can change the color of the bullet or number using the Color fill bucket.
  2. The Customize… icon isavailable, should you need to browse for a different symbol from thehuge range available.
  3. Adjust the spin controls of the % of the text area (Size:). If you are using symbols as abullet, then this option works really well to maximize the symbol.
  4. Change the bullet to a picture of your choice by clicking on thePicture… button and browsing your the computer foran image to insert as a bullet. For example, we will insert thePawPrint.png image.
  5. Click on Insert to add the pictureas a bullet type. The numbering option works in exactly the same way asthe bullets icon.
  6. Should you wish to number items from a specific starting numberpoint, use the Start At: position tocontrol this.
  7. To change the distance between the number or bullet and the text,select the text first, then use the indent markersalong the ribbon to increase (or decrease) the distance between thetwo:
ms office 293

With that, we have inserted bullet and numbered lists and learned howto customize them. Now, we will learn how to set up slide headers andfooters.

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