Inserting and modifying charts in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

We use charts to make information more appealing, as well as clearerand easier to read. A chart is a graphicalrepresentation of worksheet information. It is a good idea to becomefamiliar with the names of different elements of a chart so that youknow which part you are changing from the options you will be presentedwith on the chart ribbon and the chart edit icons. The best way tobecome familiar with the different parts of a chart is to create adefault chart and then spend some time hovering over the chart elements.When you do this, you will be presented with a popup specifying the nameof the element:

ms office 783

When we create a chart in PowerPoint, the chart is automaticallylinked to a worksheet that will open when we edit data. When we makechanges to the information on our worksheet, the chart is updatedautomatically. We can edit this data directly within PowerPoint orExcel.

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