Inserting footnotes/endnotes in Microsoft Word 2019

Follow these steps to learn how to insert footnotes/endnotes in Word2019:

  1. Open the FootNotesEndNotes.docx document for thisexample.
  2. Place the mouse cursor in the text where you would like to place afootnote.
  3. Select Reference | Insert Footnote:
ms office 398
  1. A footnote marker will appear in the document text and thefootnote section will open up at the end of the page.
  2. Type an explanation of the footnote into the space provided. We willtype Our Induction Booklet is downloadable from our intranet siteSafestSolutionsWeb for this example:
ms office 549
  1. Navigate back to the footnote marker in the document, just after thetext stating Induction. You will notice that when hoveringthe mouse pointer over the marker, it will display the text, as typedinto the footnote explanation.
  2. To navigate from the marker to the explanation, click on the Show Notes icon or double-click on themarker to move between the text and explanation.

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