Inserting links in a document in Microsoft Word 2019

A link is a piece of text, graphic, picture, chart, or shape in adocument that, when clicked on, will take the user to another location!An example would be to use a link to go to a website or file from thedocument. Links can be used to link to other files, to externaldocuments, to a place in the same document, or to web pages or graphics.This section will take you through a few methods you can use to insertlinks into Word 2019 documents. Let’s go over the first method andopen the documentcalled Hyperlinks.docx:

  1. Select some text or position the mouse pointer in the document whereyou would like to place the link.
  2. Right-click and choose Link….

Alternatively, you can do the following:

  1. Click on the Insert tab.
  2. Choose the Links icon.
  3. The Insert Link dialog box willpopulate.
  4. Under the Link to: text at theleft top of the dialog box and make sure Existing File or WebPage is selected.
  5. Type the link address into the space provided in the Address: placeholder.
  6. Click on OK to complete thelink.
  7. In the document, you will notice that the text you selected in nowformatted differently. This is because it has been identified as a link.To launch the link, hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard, andwith the Ctrl key depressed, click once with themouse. The browser will open with the relevant website.
  8. To visit the link, position the mouse pointer over the linked text.Hold down the Ctrl key and click once with the mouse pointer.The mouse pointer will change to a hand icon to indicate thatyou are launching a link:
ms office 251

This procedure is pretty much the same for all types of links youwish to create in a document. You can create a link from an image orshape in a Word document. A ScreenTip… for the link can be added via the Text to display: heading at the top of thedialog. The text that’s entered here will be displayed in the documentinstead of the entire hyperlink code and gives the user direction as towhat the link might contain. This can be used as a marketing tooltoo.

Linking to a separate file is a popular feature as you can distributea report in Word 2019, including a link, for example, to an Excel fileto explain a certain part of the report or include links to separatedocuments as part of an agenda.

Note that any links to files need to be in a shared folder that can beaccessed by all the recipients of the document.

When visiting the InsertLink dialog box, you will notice the Place in This Document option under theLink to heading on the left-hand side. This optionis wonderful when working with long documents. If you have a list ofheadings at the top of a document and need to read additional contentfor one of the topics, which is located on page 101 of the document, youwill need to scroll to get there, which is not ideal. Once set up, youcan click on the linked heading, which will immediately take you to thetopic’s location in the document:

ms office 714

To edit a link, simply right-click on the link’s text and chooseEdit Link:

ms office 614

To remove the link, follow these steps:

  1. Select the text that contains the hyperlink you wish to remove.
  2. Right-click and choose RemoveHyperlink from the shortcut menu.

This way, the hyperlink will be removed from the text.

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