Inserting page breaks in Microsoft Word 2019

At times, headings (or the first line of a paragraph) end up at theend of a page. These headings or paragraphs might need to be forced tothe top of the next page. If you need to leave space for a particulargraphic or chart at the end of a page, you can force a break at thedesired position in the document. You can insert a page break or a blankpage at any point in a document by taking these steps:

  1. Position the mouse pointer on the text that you want to force ontothe next page. Alternatively, you can position your mouse at the startof the location where you want the space to be inserted:
ms office 97
  1. Click on the Breaks icon in theLayout tab or select the Page Breakoption from the Insert tab:
ms office 51
There is another method of inserting a forced page break via a keyboardshortcut key:
  1. Place the mouse pointer at the desired position in the documentwhere you want to include a break.
  2. While holding down the Ctrl key on yourkeyboard, pressthe Enter key.

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