Inserting special characters and symbols in Microsoft Word 2019

  1. Click at the end of a word or anywhere in a document where you needto place a symbol.
  2. Click on the Insert tab, locatethe Symbol group at the end of theInsert ribbon, then click on thedrop-down arrow next to Symbol:
ms office 645
  1. Your recently used symbols are listed in this list. To access moresymbols, click on More Symbols… topopulate the dialog box with a range of symbols:
ms office 241
  1. Click on a symbol that you wish to insert to the document. You canapply formatting options to symbols just as you would any othertext.
  2. Special characters allow you to insert different dash types, as wellas commonly used characters such as the copyright, registered trademark,and trademark symbols:
ms office 791

You can also use your keyboard to insert symbols to a Worddocument:

  • To insert the copyright symbol, type (c) and you will getthe © symbol.
  • To insert the trademark symbol, type (tm) and you willget the ™ symbol.
  • To insert the registered trademark, type (r) and you willget the ® symbol.

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