Mobile Stringer: Inside the phone using shortcuts to edit documents

Usually when we edit documents in the computer, we often use the keyboard and mouse and a wealth of shortcuts to complete. But when you want to edit a document in your cell phone, you often need to press and hold your finger to complete a series of operations. So, can you add some shortcuts to the phone?

First of all, install an application called “Ctrl+” in the phone system (please search for the download address). The first time we launch the application we need to follow the wizard and click on the “Activate Ctrl+ service” button at the bottom of the interface. This will take you to the list of accessibility services of the phone system, find the name of the Ctrl+ application and turn on its related services (Figure 1).

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Next, go to the main interface of the application, click the “Set ctrl key trigger” button, and set a key in the pop-up dialog box, the application uses the “volume down” key by default (Figure 2).

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In the future, when we need to do a shortcut in the phone, first press the “volume down” button, then you will see a ctrl key prompt in the editing window. Next, press the corresponding shortcut key as needed to perform the corresponding shortcut (Figure 3).

19wjccs bj 03

For example, if we want to select all the content of an article, we can use the shortcut “Ctrl+A” in the computer, and here we just need to press “Volume Down+A”. In addition to this, we can also use the shortcut keys to complete the content clear, open the history, open the clipboard, copy and paste a series of operations.

Tip: All the shortcut operations can only be performed in the English state of the input method.

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