Inspecting a file in Microsoft Office 2019

If you are sharing a copy of an Office file electronically withothers, you might want to review the file for hidden data and/orpersonal information. This information is stored in the file’s Properties list. The function of thedocument inspector is to find this information and remove it. Alwayssave a copy of the presentation first before inspecting it. Never usethe original file as you may not be able to restore any removed hiddendata from the file:

  1. Open a copy of an original presentation (we will use a presentationas an example for this exercise).
  2. Click on the File | Info icon toopen the options available.
  3. From the Inspect Presentationheading, select the Check for Issuesicon.
  4. From the drop-down list provided, choose Inspect Document:
ms office 386
  1. A dialog box will open, offering options to inspect the documentwith. Select which elements you want to inspect by clicking on thecheckbox to the left of an item:
ms office 779
  1. Click on Inspect to continue. Adialog box will present you with an indication of where any hidden datais located in the presentation:
ms office 704
  1. Click on Remove All next to eachinstance found to exclude the metadata from the presentation. Thedocument properties and personal information will no longer be presentin the document.
  2. Click on Close to return to thedocument and don’t forget to save it.

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