Intel says some gadgets must be installed, but we can actually do this

Although Intel is “squeezing toothpaste” when it comes to “action” (processors), their publicity has not been idle. This is not, in Sina microblogging, Intel China always on the computer knowledge related to science. Before the processor said a whole lot of processor and other related knowledge, I’m not good at interjecting, but today’s release of the three essential gadgets: screwdriver, anti-static wrist strap and cable ties, which will have to talk about.


The purchase of screwdrivers we have previously introduced, here will not be more verbose, simply say the meaning of the original figure. Screwdriver should be referred to with a strong magnetic screwdriver head, so as to ensure that when screwing, will not fall to strange places to take out. However, for newly installed computers or old computer upgrades, I still recommend that you directly use the old wooden handle Phillips screwdriver, not only the head is more magnetic, the length is also very OK, than those who are concerned about the multi-functional small short handle while many.


As for the cable ties, it is a matter of opinion. Now buy a chassis will basically send a few, can be enough. However, this thing is too tight to remove, loose and can not play the role of wire ties.


Unless it is a step in place, or side-by-side chassis cable management, otherwise we are still honest with the plastic sheath wire, fixed chassis internal cable is more appropriate, easy to disassemble, available anywhere is its advantage, do not wait for a shear down the cable ties along with other cables cut off when you want to remember that I reminded Oh.


As for the anti-static wristband, its role is, of course, to prevent people from contacting accessories that cause static electricity breakdown. This stuff sounds quite professional, but it’s cheap, a few to a dozen dollars can be bought. But why spend money when there is free? Just occasionally get the computer, there is absolutely no need to have all the tools.


In fact, the best way to put static electricity is to touch a pipe or heater before getting the computer with a metal grounded items. Do not wear a sweater in the spring and autumn, a class of clothing easy to static electricity on the line.


If you think the air is particularly dry or dusty, use a spray bottle, humidifier to get some water mist out, is also one of the ways to avoid static electricity Oh. You say there is no spray bottle and humidifier? Don’t lose the “Six God” perfume bottle, fill some water into it is a simple spray bottle.

Professional tools will certainly be good at what they do, but only occasionally fiddle with computer accessories, simple hands-on DIY, is not necessary to put money into these areas, after all, save money to get a better computer is our pursuit of well.


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