Introducing the interface and settingoptions in Microsoft Excel 2019

This topic will highlight the important elements that make up theExcel 2019 visual environment. You will be able to identify parts of theExcel 2019 application as a whole, set view zoom options, and explorethe View tab. We will explorethe help facility and some Reviewelements (such as Accessibility, Translate, and Smart Lookup), as well as set customizationoptions.

Microsoft Excel is an example of a spreadsheet program. Other typesof spreadsheets are available—for example, Calc from OpenOffice, andSheets from Google Docs. A spreadsheet is used to perform mathematicalcalculations and financial decision making—for example, for budgets,company reports, wage sheets, cash flows—to analyze data, and forgraphical representation of data. You can process, summarize, sort,extract, analyze, and store information using a spreadsheet.

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