Investigating mail options in Microsoft Outlook 2019

Mail options in Outlook have the greatest range of settings in theprogram. There are so many ways to configure message options using thisdialog box. As you work through the chapters on Outlook 2019, we willcover items from this dialog box. When composing email messages, thebody of the email uses a Word 2019-based editor. This gives you a hugeamount of functionality from the Office 2019 Microsoft Word program. Youcan set the importance of a message, set delivery receipt options, andset expiry dates for messages. Some of the settings can be seen in thefollowing screenshot:

ms office 682

To access interface options, click on the File tab, then select Options from the drop-down menu provided.The following sections—namely, the Mail, Calendar, Tasks, and Advanced options—are all listed in the Outlook Options dialog box under separatecategories.

Another way to access options for all the items within Outlook is toright-click on an item on the Peek bar, located at the bottom of theNavigation Pane. Choose Options…from the shortcut list to launch the Outlook Options dialog box, as illustrated in thefollowing screenshot:
ms office 285

The following table shows a list of Option categories and theirdescriptions:

Calendar options This category in the dialog box allows the setting up of startand end times for working hours and calendar reminders, colors, andresource scheduling.
Task options Options relating to setting and assigning tasks to othersusing Outlook are located under the Tasks menu in the Outlook Options dialog box. Taskcolors and reminder settings are of importance here.
Journal options The journal can be set up to record all the information it can (suchas emails, meeting information, tasks, and program usage) for specificcontacts, and adds these to a timeline. The journal is accessible as oneof your Inbox folders. If you cannotsee the journal, visit the three dots on the Peek bar, located at thebottom of the Navigation Pane. Choose Folders to make the journal visible in thefolder pane.
Advanced options Advanced options in the OutlookOptions dialog box include settings for reminders and sounds, andfor customizing different parts of the Outlook environment (screenlayout).

It is possible to add additional languages to edit documents inOutlook. To change language settings, visit the Language menu in the Outlook Options dialog box.

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