Investigating the browser view options (Excelonly) in Microsoft Office 2019

If you want to share a workbook with colleagues, Excel 2019 offersbrowser view options when displaying data through a browserwindow. Browser view allows you to display Excel workbook data—forexample, as a single-screen visual dashboard layout (such as tables andcharts) that you prefer the user to interact with. So, insteadof just sharing a normal workbook, youcan be more creative by pushing content to users by sharing withdifferent browser methods. There are different view options available,such as WorksheetView, Gallery View, and in an Excel WebAccess part on SharePoint.

Follow these steps to learn about and set up Browser View Options in Excel:

  1. Open the ChoclatoBrowse.xlsx workbook. Notice that thereare two sheets containing the worksheet data.
  2. Go to File | Info.
  1. Locate BrowserView Options at the bottom of theBackstage view:
ms office 846
  1. Click on the BrowserView Options button to see theoptions.
  2. Choose the relevant workbook item from the drop-down list. I preferthe Items in theWorkbook option as it shows all the elements and youcan then choose which options you would like to display when viewing itin a browser:
ms office 580
  1. Under the Parameters tab, you can choosethe items that you can edit on ranges within the displayedworkbook:
ms office 858
  1. Click on OK to set the options.
  2. If you do not have SharePoint and would like to see the output, savethe workbook as a web page, then open the .html file to viewthe file in the browser. Here is an example of what you would see afterviewing the browser options:
ms office 64

Now that you can set BrowserView Options in Excel, you can share your workbookdata, specifying the editable ranges and elements so that others caninteract with your creations.

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