Keep the excitement–Build a wonderful Chinese New Year album

Time flies, in the blink of an eye, New Year’s Day, Chinese New Year, one holiday after another is coming. When the festival comes, we have to take all kinds of photos, and it is undoubtedly a good choice to make photo albums or Chinese New Year greeting cards.

Baidu can create free H5 albums anytime

If you don’t often need to make photo albums or don’t have the convenience of installing photo album making software on your computer (e.g. office computer), then you can easily make the popular H5 photo albums with Baidu H5 service.

Open in your browser, select a template you like and click on it to preview it, then click “Use Template” if you are satisfied, so that you can directly apply the built-in template of the website to create a music album (Figure 1).


Figure 1 Previewing and using the template

In the template settings window that opens, set the name of your album and start editing the template. Select the first image of the template, click on the name image to enter the editing page, click on the “Source” button, then upload the photo of your album cover to the H5 website and apply it, so that you can replace the photo of the template with your own image. Switch to “Animation” and select an animation effect for the image in the animation list (you can preview it immediately after selection), you can also set the time, delay effect and other parameters for the animation (Figure 2).


Figure 2 Replace the picture

Switch to the second scene in the left pane, click Photos, and as above, select a photo that needs to be replaced for the album. Select the text to edit, enter the text that matches the content of the photo as prompted, and you can also set the parameters for the text such as animation and delay. By clicking the button on the top, you can also insert text, graphics, multimedia and other elements as you need to make your photos more visually appealing (Figure 3).


Figure 3 Editing text

Proceed as above to insert other photos for the album and personalize them. You can add pages to the album at any time by clicking “Add Page”. Click “Publish” after finishing the album, set the domain name of your album in the pop-up window, and finally click “Submit” (Figure 4).


Figure 4 Set the domain name

Continue to set the link address for sharing, so that anyone can share and browse through the link address or QR code after it is successfully published. Of course, since this is an H5 page, it is very easy to publish it in WeChat and share it with friends, who can browse the album by clicking it in WeChat, and of course we can make Chinese New Year photo greeting cards with this service (Figure 5).


Figure 5 WeChat browsing

Make photo albums on your cell phone

Nowadays, many friends’ photos are saved on their cell phones, so if you want to make electronic photo albums, it is more convenient to make them directly on your cell phone.

After you start WeChat, search for “Xiao Nian Gao Album” and pay attention to it, enter the public number and click “Make Photo Album”, click “Upload Photo” on the page that opens, and then choose the hand


Figure 6 Uploading photos

Once you have finished uploading your photos you can select the built-in templates for the album, where you can click on the preview and select them after you are satisfied with the preview (Figure 7).


Figure 7 Selecting a template

After you have finished selecting the template, you can switch to the subtitles and add the album theme, name and other information for your album. After completing the above settings, click “Submit” and the website will start to generate the desired album in the background. After you finish making the album, go back to the public page and click “Me → My Albums”, the finished album is here, click it to play it directly on your cell phone (Figure 8).


Figure 8 Play the album

Because it is made in public, we can easily share the album to WeChat and QQ friends by clicking the share button on the top right corner after selecting the album. And click the “Edit” button on the top of the album, you can make more personalized changes to the template, background music, cover, etc. in the window that opens (Figure 9).


Figure 9 Modify the album

The photo album made by the above method can be saved directly on the website of XiaoNianGao, or click “Save→Download” to enter the XiaoNianGao app and save the album to your cell phone or computer for playback. Click “Save to phone” in the window that opens, and the album will be saved in “File Management → Categories → Video” by default. You can play it directly on your phone or share it with your friends (Figure 10).


Figure 10 Download to cell phone

To download the album to your local hard drive, open your computer browser and type in “”, then use your phone to scan the QR code and click “Download Album” on the page that opens, you can download the album to your local hard drive (Figure 11). You can download the movie to your local hard disk for playback (Figure 11).


Figure 11 Download to computer

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