Software recommendation: “King” to make image processing easier

When we think of Sony, the “king” of micro-single, the first thing that comes to mind is its camera. In fact, the free photo processing software PlayMemories Home, which accompanies Sony’s camera, is not weak at all. With this software, we can use a simple way to manipulate and create photos.

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1. Easy to adjust and convert photo images

If the photo doesn’t fit, it needs to be adjusted or converted. We first open the PlayMemories software and add photos. Then, click “Tools→Edit/Convert Photos” to enter the photo editing and conversion window, where you can use the corresponding buttons to perform operations such as orientation rotation, size crop, format conversion and color change on the photo (Figure 1).


If we need to trim, merge and convert the video we shot, we can also use the software to do so. Click “Tools→Edit/Convert Video”, and then select the buttons to trim video, merge video, save frames, convert to MP4, etc. to perform the corresponding video processing tasks (Figure 2).


2. Create more advanced photo works

With PlayMemories software, we can also create photo multiviews or time-lapse clips. In the “Edit/Convert Video” window, select “Create Multi-View” or “Create Time-lapse” to create the corresponding advanced work.

When creating a time-lapse movie, in addition to using the “Create Time-lapse Movie” button, we can also select a series of photos directly in the photo preview window, then right-click and select “Assign Photos to Burst/Time-lapse Group” to quickly open the time-lapse movie creation task (Figure 3).



With PlayMemories Home, it is also possible to create photo CDs. However, this requires downloading and installing the corresponding functional plug-ins in the software according to the link.

3. The slide show is easy to control at will

Slide show is a frequently used operation in the process of image processing, slide show the more convenient the better, of course, you need to be able to freely control. We can click “Tools→Slide Show” to enter the slide show window, and control the playback through the control bar in the lower left corner. If you want to adjust the playback speed, from the toolbar “Show time for each slide” sub-menu, select the appropriate delay option can be (Figure 4).


4. View EXIF data with one click

EXIF data is a collection of parameters related to a digital photo, which gives us a glimpse of the date the photo was taken, device manufacturer, device parameters, image file parameters and other information. You can view the detailed EXIF data of a photo in PlayMemories Home by selecting the photo and right-clicking on it, then selecting “Properties”, or you can directly click the “Properties” button on the right side of the toolbar to open the The “Properties” window will open and you will see the data (Figure 5).


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