Launching a hyperlink in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

  1. To launch the hyperlink, make sure you are in Slide Show view (select the Slide Show tab, and then choose From Current Slide).
  2. Click on the graphic to which the hyperlink is applied, and the filewill open up within PowerPoint (if you linked to a PowerPoint Show file,it will open the Slide Show viewautomatically). Alternatively, the linked website will open in thedefault browser.
  3. When a hyperlinked object is selected in the Slide Show view, the linkedpresentation will open. Please note, however, that the presentation youare linking to should reside within the same folder as the sourcepresentation. Failure to do this will be very embarrassing whenpresenting to an audience, as the link could be broken!
  4. Place the mouse pointer over the hyperlinked object, where you willsee the hyperlink pop up. Hold down the Ctrl key on thekeyboard and, while keeping it depressed, click with the mouse pointeron the object, as illustrated in the followingscreenshot:
ms office 436

You can also right-click on an existing hyperlink, and thenlaunch the content from the OpenLink… option from the shortcut menu provided.

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