Learning Excel functions in Microsoft Excel 2019

Excel 2019 has 479 functions, of which the following are newfunctions: IFS; SWITCH; CONCAT;TEXTJOIN; MAXIFS; MINIFS

Let’s look at a few of the commonly used functions in Excel, shown inthe following table:

Type of function Function Description
Sum function = sum(range)  Adds all values in a selected range
Average function = average(range) To find the arithmetic mean
Minimum function  = min(range) To find the lowest value in a list
Maximum function = max(range) To find the highest value in a list
Count function = count(range) To count the number of values in a list
CountA function = counta(range) To count the number of names (text) in a list
CountBlank function = countblank(range) To count the number of blank cells in a range


We will continue with the SSGRegions.xlsx workbook forthis example, to work out the average, minimum, and maximum values of arange of cells, as follows:

  1. Click on cell B13.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow on the AutoSum icon.
  3. Choose the Average function fromthe list provided, as illustrated in the following screenshot:

ms office 443

  1. The Average function is insertedinto cell B13, and Excel automatically assumes the range by selectingthe range B8:B12. This is incorrect, and is one of thoseinstances where you need to be very careful when using these quickmethods of inserting functions.
  2. Edit the formula to reflect the correct cell referencerange B8:B12 by replacing B12 with B11.
  3. Press Enter when done to view the formula result.
  4. Let’s do the Max and the Min calculations. This time try the typemethod and the ribbon method to work out the maximum and the minimumvalues.
  5. Click on cell B14, then type the following: =MAX(B8:B11.Then, press Enter on the keyboard.
  6. Click on cell C14, then select the Max function from the drop-down list fromthe AutoSum icon Formulas ribbon. Check that the formula cellreference range is correct and edit if necessary, then pressEnter to see the result in the cell.
  7. Click on cell B15, then type the following: =MIN(B8:B11.Then, press Enter on the keyboard.
  8. Click on cell C15, then select the Min function from the drop-downlist from the AutoSum icon Formulas ribbon. Check that theformula cell reference range is correct and edit ifnecessary, thenpress Enter to see the result in the cell.
  1. If you are typing a formula and made a mistake, or realize you areentering the formula into the incorrect cell and need to exit theformula, simply press the Esc key on your keyboard.

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