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Usually, the contents of the clipboard are used once and then forgotten, and it serves only as a transitional tool. In fact, the clipboard can be used in a very useful way. Automatically editing the contents of the clipboard or saving the images as files can make it fit the user’s specific usage requirements or for subsequent use. The Clipboard Saver software allows you to achieve these needs.

Once the Clipboard Saver software starts, check the Add Text to History and Add Image to History checkboxes under the History pane on the left to automatically record the copied text or images (Figure 1).


The text in the clipboard can be replaced automatically. For example, if you want the “AAA Company” text contained in the clipboard to automatically become “BBB Company” after copying, simply select the entry after copying and choose Clipboard Text: Search and Replace in the Actions list. Search and Replace, enter “AAA Company” in the Search for box, and enter “BBB Company” in the Replace by box (Figure 2). In this way, the next time you select the clipboard entry in the history, you will get the text content of “AAA Company” replaced by “BBB Company”.


Tip: If you want to replace more than one kind of content, you can add replacement conditions one by one by checking the Show Options for multiple Replacements check box and using the Add to Table button.

In addition to automatically replacing content, you can also automatically add prefix and suffix text. For example, add model prefixes or units of data. Simply select Clipboard Text: Add Text under Actions after tapping the clip entry, and then enter the prefix and suffix text to be added in the In Front and Behind text boxes.

To automatically save each clipboard entry as a file, select the Clipboard Text: Save automatically checkbox in the Actions action list, and then specify the storage directory, file name, and extension respectively. The file name supports expressions and user-defined, and the extension can be selected from four preset formats or user-defined (Figure 3).


Various automatic processes are also supported for image clipping content. The Clipboard: Cut to Size option automatically crops the image to a specified pixel size or range, and the Clipboard: Resize option automatically resizes the image. These two adjustments are suitable for situations where you are not satisfied with the size of the screenshot. The automatically modified image in the Clipboard can also be saved as a separate file and set up in a similar way to the text (Figure 4).


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