Software recommendation: let the software download and upgrade management more worry-free

In order to keep the download path fixed and facilitate unified management, the download address and file name of many upgradeable software or resources remain unchanged, even if the version has changed. However, for users, if the file names of different versions of downloaded files are the same, it is easy to confuse the versions, and to distinguish the versions, you have to change the name manually, which is very troublesome. With upToDate, a free download management tool, you can easily manage downloads or updates of software with the same name and address, automatically identify the version, date and checksum value of downloaded files, automatically determine and download the latest version of the same software, and automatically back up the old version.

upToDate Downloader is a free green software that does not need to be installed and can be run directly after downloading by clicking on the main EXE file (download address: When running the software for the first time, we can see that the main window of the program only has a menu bar and toolbar, and the content bar is blank, waiting for us to add the software entries to be downloaded (Figure 1).


When downloading software, click the “+” button on the toolbar to bring up the Add Item window, and paste the address of the software you want to download in the URL address field of the window. “button (Figure 2).


After that, the software will automatically scan the software online and extract the name, size, last updated date, status and other information. Note that the “File Name” field of the software name can be manually modified to any easily identifiable name. Finally, click the OK button to finish adding (Figure 3).


In the same way, add more software to be downloaded in the window of that software. When we need to update the download of one of the software, select the entry and click on the first button Start in the toolbar to start the download (Figure 4). After starting the download, the program will compare the data of the files already stored in the download folder with the data stored in the download list and with the data of the server containing the file. If during the comparison some differences are found, or if the given file is not yet in the download folder, the software will download the file. The latest version of each file will be available at the time of download, and a different version of the file with the same name will be stored in the “old” folder. If the latest version is found locally, the download will not be performed and the latest version of the file will be kept locally.


If you want to know the properties of the downloaded software, you can right-click on the specific software entry in the window and see all the data including file name, URL address, file date, file size, MD5 checksum value, etc. from the context menu (Figure 5). Click on the folder button on the toolbar to open the folder where the downloaded software is stored to find the downloaded files. In the download folder, there is a text file named Checksum.md5, which records the MD5 values of all software and can be opened by Notepad.


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