Software recommendation: let Windows 10 reduce the load to come more easily

Using Windows 10’s own features to reduce system load is tedious. With the help of Win10Clean, you can easily clean up Windows 10 functional components, applications and right-click menu, and implement the “immunity” function after application deletion to prevent automatic installation of self-contained software again.

1. Clean up unused functional components or applications

To avoid the appearance of promotional software or advertising information in the Windows 10 Start menu and maintain a clean Start menu, simply enter the Home tab of Win10Clean and click the Disable start menu ads button to achieve ad blocking.

Many users in China use domestic antivirus software or domestic Internet discs, so that Windows Defender and OneDrive that come with Windows are redundant. For this reason, you can click the Disable Windows Defender and Uninstall OneDrive buttons to uninstall these two components respectively (Figure 1).


In addition, the HomeGroup feature is redundant on some computers that are not used in home settings. Click Disable HomeGroup to block this feature.


After upgrading to Windows 10, some users are still accustomed to the operating style of Windows 7. For this reason, you can ditch the Windows 10 File Explorer style and return to the Windows 7 look. Simply click the Revert Explorer to Windows 7 Style button to do so.

Windows 10 also has many system components and applications built in by default, so you can get rid of some of them at once if you hardly use them. Go to the “Win10/metro apps” tab of Win10Clean, select the components or apps you no longer need from the list, and then click the Uninstall button to uninstall them at once (Figure 2).


2. Clean up the system right-click menu items

The right-click menu items in the system will keep increasing with the number of software installations, causing lengthy and inconvenient selections when using them. If you wish to restore the system’s own clean right-click menu, you can click the Cleanup Context Menus button under the Home tab to clean up the right-click menu.

3. Immunize application installation

Some self-installed applications in the system will automatically reinstall after uninstallation. In order to prevent this from happening, we can use the Don’t reinstall modern apps button under the Home tab to immunize the app installation, after which such apps will not be installed automatically (Figure 3).



During the execution of all the above automated optimizations, the corresponding process logs are automatically generated in the Console tab window of Win10Clean, detailing the commands that have been executed or the impact produced during a particular optimization (Figure 4).


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