Office hacks: light office free installation free processing documents

Usually, in the office we use the most to Microsoft Word. however, if we usually do not need very special professional word processing functions, in fact, may not need to buy Word software, with a free AbiWord small software can handle the daily document processing tasks. The software is not only able to handle Word-compatible DOC documents, but also compatible with many other common document formats.

Abiword is a multi-platform support software, corresponding to the mainstream Windows and Linux platforms have the corresponding version. We can download the software through the software website ( for installation, or through some portable software integration platform, such as PortableAppsPlatform, without executing the installation program, directly call its portable version (this article takes the portable version as an example).

1. Complete the basic processing tasks of common documents

After opening the Abiword software, we can see a very similar interface to the word processing software we usually see. Open a blank page, in addition to text input, you can also use the “Insert” menu to add pictures, tables, text boxes, as well as the table of contents, footnotes, endnotes, page numbers and other basic elements of the layout. In addition, we can also use advanced features similar to Word’s Mail Merge (Figure 1).


After inserting the basic page elements, the main task is to handle the various formats. In this regard, we can use the formatting bar provided by Abiword or the “Format” menu command to complete the formatting. For example, select the “Font” and “Paragraph” command to complete all the settings related to fonts and paragraphs; use the “Page Background” to add the page background color or watermark figure (Figure 2). 2.


2. Compatible with many other common formats

Abiword not only supports the common TXT format and Word DOC format, but also is compatible with a large number of commonly used documents or special document formats. We just need to click “File→Open” menu command, then we can directly open various compatible formats of documents and edit them.

At the same time, we can also open the current document, through the “Insert → File” command, insert a variety of compatible document content.

When finished editing a document, click “File→Save As”, you can choose to save the document as other formats we need (Figure 3).


Tip: The default document format of Abiword itself is .ABW format. 3.

3. Extend more useful functions through plug-ins

Although the document formats supported by Abiword itself are rich enough, if we need more format support or function support, we can also start the plug-in management window through the “Tools→Plug-in” menu command, and select and enable more format or function plug-ins in it. If the default plug-ins provided by the software are not enough, we can also download more plug-ins through the software website, and then click “Install New Plug-in” to install them (Figure 4).


Tip: More information about the available plug-ins for Abiword can be obtained from the list of plug-ins provided on the official website of the software (

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