Software recommendation: look at the map and transfer the map I have “small tips”

If you want to see and process images, try the free FocusOn Image Viewer. If you want to see and process both, you can try the free software FocusOn Image Viewer, which not only has very convenient integrated viewing functions, but also enables image editing, rotation, cropping, resizing, format conversion and other common functions.

FocusOn Image Viewer is designed with a three-in-one file list, preview window and thumbnail control, making it very easy to view images. When you need to browse images, locate the image folder in the folder navigation bar on the left, and the thumbnail image is displayed in the right pane. If the thumbnail size is not satisfactory, you can adjust it by using the slider on the right side of the toolbar. Click on an image in the thumbnail list, and the lower left preview pane will display a preview of the image. If you think the image preview area is too large or too small, drag the upper or right border of the preview pane to zoom in (Figure 1).


Click the View button on the toolbar to switch to a more focused image viewing view (Figure 2). In this window, the visual size of the image can be adjusted by the four zoom adjustment buttons; the display of the image can be switched by the left and right arrow buttons or by scrolling the mouse wheel; and the shape or orientation of the image can be adjusted by the crop button and the three rotation buttons. To edit the picture, click the Edit button. In addition, you can also compress, print, and share the image by using the corresponding buttons.


If you want to do a slide show of multiple images, execute the “Tool→Slide Show” menu command (or use Shift+Enter key combination). If you need to change the direction of automatic slide show or display delay, as well as the quality and zoom mode of playing pictures, play order, etc., through the “Tool→Options” menu command, enter the settings window, click the View tab to set (Figure 3).


In addition to viewing images, FocusOn Image Viewer also allows you to perform batch operations with images. If you need to perform batch conversion of image sizes, execute the “Tool→Batch Risize” command (shortcut Ctrl+F3) to bring up the Batch Conversion window for setting and conversion. If you need to change the picture name in batches, execute the “Tool→Batch Rename” command (Ctrl+F2) to call up the Batch Rename window for setting and conversion (Figure 4).


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