Lovable Love: Visually monitor CPU running status

The computer fan is running like crazy, and then open any program is stuck, what is going on? If you want to know the CPU running status, are you still using Ctrl+Alt+Del, it’s troublesome to interrupt the program. If you use various gurus and management tools to view the taskbar, the whole family bucket is not acceptable? Then let’s try a cute way to solve it. Do you love kittens? How about parrots?


If you like cute things, you can try it out by opening https://github.com/Kyome22/ and selecting RunCat_for_windows. Then click the latest version on the right side of the page that opens.



Select and click on Runcat_x64.zip on the page to download, and then click on the file inside the zip to run it. Net support, if you do not have the corresponding optional update installed, you will be prompted to click “Yes” to go directly to Microsoft’s official download page.




Here we just choose according to our system. In fact, from the download interface, RunCat_for_windows has only developed x64 version, so you’d better use it under 64-bit Windows, and of course you have to download Download x64. After downloading and installing .net, the software was installed and started instantly.




At this point, we should see a running kitten in the taskbar, and its running speed represents the current CPU load. Here we suggest that you keep the software icons on the taskbar by “Settings→Personalize→Taskbar→Select which icons to show on the taskbar” and don’t retract them. This way we can not only see the relative load level at any time, but also hover the mouse over the icon to see the specific load.




Right click on the icon, we can also make some settings, such as Startup (start with the system), Runer (running icon) can choose Cat (cat) and Parrot (parrot), the parrot’s action is not running but turning head, a bit ghostly and shaking eyes, I do not recommend. And Theme is to choose the icon color, is Light (light, white) or Dark (dark, black), or Default (default with the taskbar color change) depends on your preference.


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