Mainstream gaming platform specifications Do you meet them?

steam recently announced the player hardware rankings, as the largest game launch platform, this statistic is usually the hardware reference for game developers. So, if you want to play the recent games, you need to reach the configuration level of the most common platforms, otherwise you can be left behind by the carriage of the times; as for wanting to fight more years, and want to save money, then it is important to understand the current high level of configuration, that is, what the next stage of hardware requirements of developers will be.


Let’s look at the most commonly used processors for players’ computers, the most quad-core products, accounting for more than half, plus the most common 3.3GHz to 3.69GHz frequency, which should be the old Core i5 and the new Core i3. what about the higher-level configuration? Not the traditional 8-core high-end processors, but the recently popular 6-core mid-range products, that is, the sharp dragon 5 and the new Core i5, with these mid-range computer partners can rest assured that playing the next few years of the game should be enough.


In terms of memory, 8GB and 16GB accounted for about the same percentage, the third place is surprisingly higher than the 16GB configuration. It seems that gamers are very willing to spend money on memory. In this case, future game developers may no longer be concerned about “eat memory”, while the price is not expensive early upgrade to 16GB as well.


The mainstream graphics card currently used by players is GTX 1000 series N card, the ability to close GTX 1060/1050 Ti/1050 occupancy rate is the highest, so the recent high-end games, the minimum hardware requirements will certainly also consider these graphics cards, especially GTX 1060, so again a couple of years should not be a big problem. As for the higher level products, RTX 2060/2070 and GTX 1660 series are growing rapidly and will become the mainstream graphics cards in the future.


Look at the monitor, now 1920 × 1080 or mainstream, but low resolution are reducing, high resolution is all growing. Maybe in the near future, the basic hardware configuration of the game, the requirements are no longer 720P resolution smooth, but 1080P smooth.


Other aspects of the 1TB hard drive, 64-bit operating system is really popular, manufacturers will certainly be assured that the use of large capacity and 64-bit programming, has not been upgraded to this level of partners can pay attention. In addition, I also found that the popularity of VR devices is really worrying, I do not know how many manufacturers will insist on doing VR content, has been into the VR device partners may be depressed for a period of time.


Finally, let’s talk about the computer configuration has not reached the list of mainstream level how to do, in fact, there is nothing else, of course, upgrade it. So a set of the most mainstream configuration of about how much rice?


How about this configuration and price of small partners can accept not? Just part of the accessories do not meet the standard partners can also refer to choose Oh. As for the list is not mentioned in the SSD, motherboard and other items, I choose to skip or use the official recommended configuration, partners can be configured according to their own needs, such as too slow to boot into the game, SSD must have.


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