Software Recommendation: Make a reservation in advance and schedule a party

People are usually very busy at work, and even on holidays, it is not easy to get a few friends together. For this challenge, we can use an online service to launch a simple questionnaire and let everyone vote according to their availability, and eventually we can always agree.

A quick survey to set up a party

First, we open the Xoyondo homepage (, click on the “Schedule your meeting” button in the middle of the page, and set the theme, content, and name of the organizer of the event as needed (Figure 1).


Click the “Next” button after the settings are completed and select the candidate dates for the event in the pop-up calendar. Since we are all busy during the Chinese New Year holidays, it is impossible to have a full day to choose from, so it is best to check the “Specify a different time for each day” item at the bottom of the calendar (Figure 2).


Click on the “Next” button and set a time period when everyone is likely to be available according to the actual situation of each day. Then you can set some “advanced options”, for example, check the “Anonymous meeting questionnaire” box and click “Next”, you will see two different color web links, the top is The top one is red and the bottom one is black (Figure 3). Share the above web link to your friends who need to participate in the activity, let them choose according to their own situation, and then use the following link to view the survey results in the background, which protects the privacy of the people you invite to a certain extent.


If the user checks “Yes-No-Possible Vote” in the “Advanced Options” box, a “Possible” participation option will appear in the survey and will be displayed with a yellow icon to display.

Login to view statistics

When you receive the invitation of friends and family to open the link, according to the survey prompts to set their name or nickname, and then according to their own plans to choose the time you can participate in the activities, click the “Save” button after the completion of the settings, you can complete the survey. Note that if the person who sent the invitation sets “anonymous voting”, then the invitee will not be able to see other people’s voting records.


Once all our friends and family have completed the survey, we, as the organizer, open the black link below in the previous page to access the backend management page for viewing. First of all, you can see the results of the survey for different users. A green check mark means that you can participate in the activity in this period, while a red cross means that you cannot participate in the activity in this period. At the bottom of the questionnaire, you can see the results of the system, and the bigger the number, the more people can participate (Figure 4). By selecting the one with the highest number of participants, you can ensure that as many friends as possible will participate in the party.

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