Office Hacks: Make an animated music equalizer PPT

When playing background music or specific music in PPT, it will look much more vivid if there is an animation effect of music equalizer next to it. Using the traditional method that comes with PPT to make the animation seems to be troublesome and the effect is not too good. If you use PA animation plug-in to make it, not only the effect is realistic, but also the production is relatively simple (Figure 1).


First, download and install the PA Animation plug-in. Run PPT, create a new blank slide, and set the PA Animation plug-in to “Professional Edition”. Add a rectangle bar using the rectangle in the self-selected graphics, and set the required fill color. Select the rectangle, choose the “Pocket Animation PA” tab, click “Animation Storm”, click “+” in the animation list on the leftmost side of the pop-up window, add a custom animation Click “+” in the animation list (behavior), add two basic attributes, select “Visibility”, click “-” button to delete it; select the first basic attribute added, and click “-” button to delete it. Select the first basic attribute added, and select “Height” in the “Attribute Category” of the “Attributes” tab on the right. Select the “[Properties] Height” behavior, and in the “Properties” tab on the right, set the value of the first frame to “#ppt_h” and the value of the second frame to “#ppt_h+0.1” (Figure 2).


Next, select the “[Properties] X Coordinate” behavior, and select “Y Coordinate” in the “Properties” tab on the right side of the “Property Category”. “. Check the “[Properties] Y coordinate” behavior, and in the “Properties” tab on the right, set the value of frame 1 to “#ppt_y” and the value of frame 2 to “#ppt_y-0.05”. Click the refresh button in the upper right corner of the animation storm interface, select the “Animation Timing” tab, set “0.5” in the “Duration”, and “Trigger”. Set “Trigger” to “Simultaneous with previous animation”, set “Repeat” to “999 “, check “Turn on flip” (Figure 3).


Finally, select the rectangle, hold down Ctrl, use the left mouse button to drag, copy the five rectangles, manually adjust the height of these rectangles, select these rectangles, select the “Format” tab, click “Align → Bottom Align”, align and then click “horizontal distribution”. Select all rectangles, choose “Pocket Animation PA” tab, click “Time Series”, in the pop-up window of “Random Range”, the minimum value is set to The minimum value is set to “0” and the maximum value is set to “0.5” (Figure 4).


Insert the music and show the slideshow, the beautiful music with the dynamic equalizer works really well.

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