Office Hacks: Make beautiful 3D charts online without Excel

We often need to create various reports, and if we want to make our reports look more high quality, we can now do it directly with the help of many free online tools.

Dashboard Charts – Chart Show

In order to better reflect the budget completion rate, revenue growth rate and other indicators, experts often use some dashboard-style charts for simple visual representation. However, Excel does not have built-in dashboard charts, manual production is very troublesome, now we can easily create with the help of the Chart Show.

Open, register a user as prompted, log in and click “Experience Now”, enter the “My Resources” page and click “New Chart Then click on “New Chart”, and select “Dashboard” in the right pane. Then click “Properties”, change the name of the dashboard to “Product A Completion Rate”, go back to the main interface of the dashboard and click “Edit Data”, then enter the actual data according to your own. You can quickly generate a dashboard chart (Figure 1).


Figure 1 Generate a dashboard

Right-click on the image and select “Save Picture As” to save it locally after completing the chart generation. If you have more than one data to generate, repeat the above operation, and then insert the downloaded images into Excel in order to complete the creation of the dashboard chart (Figure 2).


Figure 2 Completed chart

Of course there are other online charts available, for regular charts like pie charts, line charts, we can also upload our own data to the website and the website will use use the data matching feature to automatically generate the chart, again after changing the data you can quickly get the corresponding chart image.

Pictorial bar charts – Ehartsjs

In Excel in order to more visually represent the difference in proportion, some professional charts often use the water amount of these pictogram icons to represent, of course, these charts are too complicated to create manually in Excel, now through the free service provided by Ehartsjs can be easily achieved.

Open, here you can see that the website has many built-in chart examples, switch to “Pictogram” in the left list “Choose the appropriate pictogram according to your actual needs. For example, now we need to create a statistical table of female members of a fitness gym (Figure 3).


Figure 3 Example data

For comparisons of this type of data, you can now select one of the “Water Content” chart templates to represent it, click on the prompt to select it (Figure 4).


Figure 4 Selecting a template

On the page that opens, you can see a pictorial bar chart with a beauty icon combined with a water icon, where you can modify the code to generate the desired image according to the actual data. In order to facilitate the display of the chart, the maximum scale here is 100, find “var bodyMax = 150;” in the left code pane, change “150” to “100 “. Continue to find “data: [‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’, ‘d’, ‘e’],” and remove the “e” from it (the code indicates that there are 5 pieces of data displayed, we only need 4 pieces of data here). Find the code “value: 34,symbol: symbols[4]” (corresponding to the data e) and delete it, and then change the value of “value:” in the data code of 0→3 according to your actual percentage data. Change it. Finally, click “Run” on the page, so we can get the pictogram we need. ehartsjs is actually an HTML5 image library, it is the JS code to achieve image generation, familiar with the code of friends can be more modified according to their needs (Figure 5).


Figure 5 Generate pictorial bar chart

Once you are satisfied with the chart preview, right click on the image and select “Save Picture As” to save it as a transparent background image. These images can be inserted into the PPT and combined with your own data to generate a personalized pictogram (Figure 6).


Figure 6 Pictogram use

Tip.也提供类似的服务, friends familiar with JS code can go to this site and use a similar template to create online charts.

Charts + Data Analysis – BDP Personal Edition

If your daily work involves data analysis in addition to charting, then we can use BDP Personal Edition, which can not only generate various charts online, but also analyze and count the data. For example, there is a data statistics table as follows, now import it into BDP Personal Edition to quickly generate various summary reports (Figure 7).


Figure 7 Example data

Open注册并登录后, click on “Upload Data” and follow the prompts to upload the above files. Click on “New Chart” and you can now generate as many charts as you need. For example, you now need to see the relationship between the source of user registrations and the number of new orders, and use a radar chart for analysis. Move the “User Registration Data” field to “Dimension” in the left field list, drag the “New Orders” field to “Value “, and select “Radar Chart” in the right panel (Figure 8).


Figure 8 Generating charts

As you can see, not only is it quick to generate charts, but the website also provides various statistical functions such as extreme values, averages, etc. Using the above method, you can also generate various reports that you need and the website will give you a detailed analysis of the data, which is perfect for companies that need to operate with the help of data for reference (Figure 9).


Figure 9 generates various charts and analyses


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