System tip: Make full use of the time attribute of a file

By default, we can only see a small amount of information about file time properties in Windows 10 File Explorer. In fact, you can use more information about file time by making full use of the system’s own file properties settings or with the help of compact third-party software.

1. Get more kinds of time information

When you right-click a file in Explorer and select “Properties”, the most we can see in the properties window is the creation time, modification time and access time (Figure 1). Even if you change the file view to the “Details” list, by default you can only see the “Modified” time attribute.


But in fact, Explorer also hides a lot of time properties about files. You can set more than 20 time-related attributes including duration, date of media creation, time of content creation, etc. by changing the file list to “Details” display, then right-clicking on the file list title bar and selecting the “Other” option. The availability of these time attributes depends on the file type selected. To use one or more of these attributes, simply select the checkboxes from the list (Figure 2).


2. Search files by time

What should I do if I want to filter the files I need by time attribute?

In fact, just type one of the following keywords into the search box in the upper right corner of Explorer to filter the search files by time: “modified date:”, “created date:”, “archive date: “, “Access date:”.

Note that the keywords are immediately followed by a semi-colon, and cannot be entered as full-angle punctuation. Once you enter the above keywords and enter, the calendar and time interval will appear for you to choose, so you can easily find the file you need from the disk or folder (Figure 3).


3. Quickly modify file time in bulk

To quickly modify the time attributes of files or folders in bulk, we can use a third-party software, ModifyFileTime, to do so.

After launching ModifyFileTime, add files or folders through the File menu command “Add File” or “Add Folder”, and then use the “Edit File Time” selection box, you can easily modify the creation, modification, and access dates and times of files. Click the Modify button when you are done to make the changes take effect (Figure 4).


Tip: If you do not see the file time change in the window, select the Refresh button under the List menu to refresh.

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