Mobile crosstalk: Make good use of call recording features

Many people know that Android phones support call recording, but few users actually use this feature. There are various reasons for this, such as worrying about the risk of private calls being accidentally recorded and leaked, or the hassle of having to manually tap every time you record a call. In fact, the call recording function of cell phones today is very mature and easy to set up.

Call recording function is mostly integrated in “Call → Settings”, for example, 360 cell phone, you can turn on the “automatic call recording”, and we can also customize the path to save the recording file (Figure 1).



In the auto-recording object option, we can also select the objects of auto-recording, such as incoming or outgoing calls, card 1 or card 2, specified contacts in the address book or all of them, etc. This filtering recording function can solve the trouble in the previous article.

In fact, similar function is already popular in Android cell phones, for example, OPPO cell phone, in the call recording interface, you can also select the specified number to enable automatic recording (Figure 2), or only record unfamiliar numbers or all contacts (Figure 3).



How about it, see here do you already have a recording plan? Set all customers in your address book as automatic calls to prevent the other party from disowning them; avoid automatically recording calls with certain friends that may be private to prevent the risk of disclosure.

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