Mobile String Burner: Make good use of OPPO phone’s smart sidebar feature

After updating to ColorOS 5.2, many OPPO phones have added a new feature called “Smart Sidebar”. With this feature, you no longer have to worry about the tedium of switching between multiple apps, or the inconvenience of jumping between programs to check messages when playing games.

04wjccs cbl 01

Take OPPO R17 as an example, you can find the entrance of “Smart Sidebar” function in “Settings→Smart Convenience”, after activating this function, a translucent bar hover window will appear on the side of the screen (Figure 1), press and hold it and swipe inward to bring up the hover window of Smart Sidebar, which includes File Desk and Voice Assistant, Screenshot and Recording, as well as the quick launch entrance of frequently used APPs (Figure 2).

04wjccs cbl 02

One of the most useful is the APP shortcut portal, because clicking them is not just a program switch, but brings up the APP in the form of a hover window at any time (Figure 3).

04wjccs cbl 03

In this way, when we play games, watch videos when a friend sends a WeChat or QQ message, we can check and reply in the hover window at any time, convenient and fast, no longer worry about playing the phone when you forget to reply to your girlfriend’s message!

04wjccs cbl 04

It should be noted that the apps added to the shortcut portal need to be given the permission to display the corresponding hover windows in “Phone Manager” in advance (Figure 4).

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