Mobile Skewer: Make good use of the free package to tap the potential of the game mode

Most smartphones today have integrated “game modes” (or game acceleration, etc.), the principle of which is to allow a given game to perform at 100% of CPU and GPU performance, while blocking incoming calls and notifications, allowing the user to enter an immersive gaming world. However, it is not only games that can benefit from Game Mode, other apps can also benefit from the package.

We can understand “game mode” as a “drawer” in the cell phone system, and all the APPs that are closed in this drawer can enjoy the designated system resources. It is just that cell phone manufacturers always categorize similar functions as game acceleration related in order to facilitate publicity, so it gives people a feeling that it is only suitable for game use. In fact, game mode is generally a very open drawer that allows users to choose their own APPs to stuff into the drawer.

Take 360 cell phone N7 for example, its main “game gas pedal 2.0”, in addition to the previous exclusive optimization of game performance, game without disturbance, management of incoming calls and other functions, added support for the pop-up of incoming letters from WeChat and QQ, and support for the game in the split screen quick reply and game video function (Figure 1).

18wjccs jsq 01

In the “Game Accelerator 2.0” settings screen, click the “+” in the list to add any app to the “drawer” (Figure 2). In the future, all the APPs launched from the game accelerator can enjoy the functions of no-disturbance, WeChat QQ message pop-up, recording and split-screen reply at any time.

18wjccs jsq 02

For example, I often use UC’s own reader to read novels, if you encounter QQ or WeChat messages in the middle, you always have to press the multitasking key to jump to QQ, and then press the multitasking key to return to the UC novel interface after replying, which is very troublesome. But after adding UC to the game gas pedal 2.0 list, you can check/reply to messages while reading novels (Figure 3).

18wjccs jsq 03

Similarly, if you often watch videos on your phone and don’t want to be disturbed while the video is playing, but are worried about missing important messages, add it to the Game Accelerator 2.0 list and you can also reply while watching the video (Figure 4), without delaying either (Figure 5).

18wjccs jsq 04

18wjccs jsq 05

In addition to 360 cell phones, other brands’ game mode can also be utilized with reference to the ideas in this article. For example, OPPO’s “Game Space” (Figure 6) also supports adding non-game apps to the “drawer” to get various benefits for games (Figure 7).

18wjccs jsq 06

18wjccs jsq 07

The vast majority of cell phones have a game mode that requires access to the game or a specified app from the app list on the game mode screen to have an effect.

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