Mobile String Burner: Make important contacts on Android phones more visible

Nowadays, cell phones have long ceased to limit the number of contacts, so many friends have saved hundreds of friends on their phones over the years. To make it easier to find, we usually add a number or letter to the front of our important contacts in order to get them listed in the front. So, is there a more user-friendly way?

In fact, every Android phone manufacturer provides the function to meet the above needs in the contact app, only the settings and expressions are different. Take 360 cell phone as an example, after entering the contact app, find the important contacts you often contact, then click the “More” button at the bottom right corner, and select “Favorites” in the pop-up window (Figure 1).


At this point, the contact will automatically appear in front of other contacts, regardless of the initials.

Take OPPO cell phone as an example, in the contact app, after entering the detailed screen of a contact, select “Add to personal collection” (Figure 2), this contact will appear in the “personal collection” list in the main interface, which is also very convenient to find (Figure (Figure 3).



In addition, if you select “Join VIP contact group” in the contact screen (Figure 4), when this contact calls, it will ignore the effects of mute, do not disturb and nuisance blocking features to ensure the first ring and vibration, 100% to ensure that you will not miss the call.


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