Mobile crosstalk: make it easier to edit documents on your phone

As smartphones become more and more powerful, we are using them more and more for office work. However, text editing on the phone is still very cumbersome and not as convenient as processing in a computer. So, what can be done to make up for the lack of text editing on cell phones?

The reason why it is difficult to edit documents in cell phones, in addition to the lack of shortcut keys for the corresponding functions, is that it is not easy to position the cursor. So we can effectively solve these problems by installing an application called “Enhanced Input” (Inputting+). To use the application for the first time, you need to click on the button in the upper left corner of the application, select the “Settings” command in the pop-up menu, and then activate the service in the list that appears.

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In the future, when we edit a document on our phone, if we want to make changes to the text we just entered, we can see an “Enhanced Input” alert box by sliding down the notification bar of our phone.

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Clicking on it will bring up a floating edit box with commands that allow us to undo, find and replace the text we have entered.

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For example, after clicking the “Replace” command, set the information to be found and replaced respectively, and click the “Replace” command to replace it. After editing, click the checkbox button in the edit box to confirm, then you can complete the quick editing of the text.

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