Software recommendation: make something out of nothing Configure free starburst and diffraction mirrors

Friends who like photography know that in order to take photos with special effects, they will be equipped with a variety of additional lenses for the camera such as starburst, diffractive lenses, etc. These lenses can turn the light point into a starburst or special light effect, beautifying the photo. In fact, we do not have to spend money on these additional lenses, with the help of Photoshop can be added to the photo in post-processing similar to the effect of starlight mirror, diffractive mirror.

Do it yourself and make a starburst brush

After starting PS, create a new graphics file, set the length and width to 50cm * 50cm, resolution 72 pixels, and fill the background with black content. Then click “Layer → New Layer”, use the pencil tool on the new layer and hold down the Shift key to draw a small short line, the line can be set to white 2 pixels thick, this as the main body of the star effect (Figure 1).


Figure 1 draw a short line

Select the inserted white line, click “Filter → Blur → Motion Blur”, set the distance to 50 pixels, so that the line after the motion blur will have a simple star effect (Figure 2).


Figure 2 Motion Blur

Continue to press CTRL+J to duplicate the layer and press CTRL+T to rotate it by 90 degrees, and press CTRL+E to merge it downward to combine two horizontal lines with star effect into a cross-shaped pattern. Operation as above continue to perform duplication and rotation, multiple duplicated lines to form a combination of similar star-shaped graphics (Figure 3).


Figure 3 Combined shapes

Click on “Layer – New Layer” and use the ellipse brush (brush size set to 4 pixels) on the new layer to add a circle center to the center of the combined star. Continue to press Ctrl + AlT + Shift + E to stamp the layer and CTRL + I to invert it. Finally, click “Edit – Define Brush Preset” to save the above effect as a brush tool (Figure 4).


Figure 4 Defining brushes

Of course, to make it easier to use, we can create multiple sizes and colors of brushes as presets. So that in the future, when we need to add the star effect to the picture, we just need to import the picture in PS, create a new layer, and then use the brush tool to click on the picture that needs to add the star effect to add, of course, you can also flexibly change the size of the brush (shortcut “{” “} “), the starlight layer can be adjusted according to personal preferences appropriate opacity, so you can quickly add the starlight effect on the picture (Figure 5).


Figure 5 Adding effects

Take the doctrine and use the preset brushes directly

The above method is to make your own starlight brushes, for lazy people you can directly download the starlight brush files made by the masters online. Download the brush file as an .abr file and place it in the brush directory (default is C:Program FilesAdobe Photoshop CS6Adobe Photoshop CS6PresetsBrushes) as prompted. Next, open PS, click “Edit → Presets Manager”, select “Brushes” in the opened window preset range, click “Load”, then select the above downloaded starlight brush file, so you can import the brush file into PS to use directly (Figure 6).


Figure 6 Importing a brush file

Open the photo you need to add the effect to in PS, create a new layer, then click the Brush tool and select the above imported brush. In the location where you need to add the star effect (pay attention to the location of the highlights, and adjust the brush size and color), click Add to quickly add the star effect you need to the photo (Figure 7).


Figure 7 Using the brush to add effects

Use plug-ins to quickly create professional starlight effects

The above operation is rather troublesome, and we know that PS supports many plug-ins. Therefore, for those who want to directly generate the star effect, we can also use the StarFilter plug-in to directly add the star effect.

First of all, the plug-in downloaded to install, after the installation is complete plug-in open program installation directory, such as 64-bit system is C:Program FilesProDigital SoftwareStarSpikes Pro 2, open the above directory after the “StarSpikesPro2X64.8bf “Copy the file to the PS plug-in directory, so that you can use this plug-in in the filter menu after starting PS.


Figure 8 Plug-in to add effects

Unlike brushes, StarSpikes will automatically find the highlights of the photo and sort them according to brightness and color. On the plugin’s control set, we can choose the number of effects we want to create on the image highlights, such as standard, starburst, superstar, etc. For each star effect, there are also settings along several parameters. For example, you can set the number of diffracted starbursts, intensity or angle, etc. With the plug-in you can quickly create very professional starburst effects (Figure 8).

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