Office hacks: make the cover high simple design Word template

Generally when doing reports, Word documents are more appropriate – after all, the content involved is more detailed and requires more text and picture descriptions, which PPT may not be able to handle. But Word documents have never had a good cover design, which makes the first impression of the report is always particularly stiff. Even using the default template provided by Word, the cover still does not look good enough, what should we do? In fact, we can use Word graphics, picture tools, to create their own style of avant-garde cover template.

First, create a new blank Word document, and then, click on the top of the “Insert” select “Illustration”, and then click on the “Shape – Rectangle “At this time, hold down the keyboard “SHIFT” key, drag out a square box. This time, ignore the square or rectangle, we can adjust later.


Click the left mouse button, select the square frame just dragged and formed, click on the Word side of the “format” and then find the “size” a click, the width and height of the square frame are set to 10 cm. Note that the size here can be adjusted according to their actual situation, as long as you can maintain a square (the same length and width).


Once the square shape is set up, click to select it, then press and hold the “SHIFT” key on the keyboard, while left-clicking on the rotation icon on the shape, and drag the shape to turn it into a diamond.


drag and drop is complete, continue to click the left mouse button to select the graphics, click Word above the “Format”, and then find a brush-like icon (hover to show the “shape outline”), in the drop-down pop-up menu, click “no outline” to remove the outline of the graphic.


Now we need to copy two identical rhombuses, by clicking the left mouse button to select the rhombus, do not release the left mouse button, and then hold down the keyboard “CTRL” key, then drag the left mouse button, you can see the copy of an identical rhombus . We will operate this step twice to get the same three rhombuses.


At this point, we need to arrange the three rhombuses, as shown in the figure. Note two points, the first is the angle problem, the angle needs to be fine-tuned diamond, you can click the rotation icon with the left mouse button drag and drop to adjust; the second is the gap problem, try to make the spacing between the diamond graphics to maintain a consistent width, so more beautiful.


Settings are complete, and then copy the same two diamond icon, and then click to select them, click on the Word side of the “format” and then find the “size” item, click to modify the size, the length and width are set to, for example, 6 cm (size according to the actual situation) adjustment), used to “fill” the gap left before.


Similarly, rotate the two smaller rhombuses and place them between the gaps in the graphic area where the three large rhombuses were just stitched together, again paying attention to keeping the width of the gaps the same.


At this time, the diamond graphics are no outline of the solid color icon, we need to fill it with a good-looking photo, click to select any diamond, and then click the right mouse button on it, select “Set Shape Format”.


On the right side of Word, an interface will pop up, find the “fill”, and then click to select the “picture or texture fill”, select “insert picture from – file “, insert the required picture. This report type of Word document, it is best to choose some of the same context with the main picture, to reflect the content of the report. For example, business class report, try to choose the office environment-related pictures can be.


After selecting the picture, do not rush to close the right side of the Word sidebar, at the bottom, to uncheck the “rotate with the shape”, so that the photo will be displayed squarely.


The graphics section is set, the next step is to set the cover text. Click Word above the “Insert”, and then select “Text Box” (different versions of Office, but also may be more than one layer of “text → text box”), select “Draw horizontal text box” (or “draw text box”).


Click and drag the left mouse button, pull out the text box in the appropriate location, and then enter the text, and adjust the font size. Finally, select the Word above the “format”, click “shape outline” select “no outline” on it.


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