Office hacks: make the formula in the PPT look better

We often have to use function formulas in mathematics, and in general, the color of the formula is mostly the default color, i.e. black, which looks very bland. If we turn the color of the formula into a colorful gradient, will it make it look more beautiful? More prominent theme, to enhance the interest of learning? Today, you may wish to learn with the author how to set the colorful colors of the formula, so that it looks more three-dimensional, more beautiful, used to attract the attention of learners. Here I will demonstrate the specific method of operation through the two-top theorem of this function formula. Other formulas can also be made with reference to the method shared today to become more vivid and interesting.

First switch to the PPT toolbar on the “Insert” tab, and then click the “Symbols” option group, click the left mouse button to select “Formula”.


In the formula bar interface, click the top left of the “formula”, and then in the formula, find the “two-top theorem”, click OK to select the item.


At this time, the left mouse button to circle the formula itself, and then click the right mouse button, the formula will appear next to the font settings box, where the function of the formula font set to “Cambria”, the font size is recommended to be set at about 40 to 50 appropriate, according to the actual situation adjustment.


After the settings are complete, the formula can be selected by clicking, dragging the left and right or up and down the dot control handle to adjust the length of the formula, such as the need not to become a peer, or to fold the line display.


Similarly, after adjusting the position, still click the left mouse button to select the function formula, and then click the right mouse button, in the pop-up shortcut menu, click “Set Text Effect Format”.


Next, we want to pop-up toolbar on the right, click to switch the tab “Text Fill and Outline”, and then click on the “Text Fill” item to expand, and then select the “Gradient Fill” . At this time, the formula has changed, but not yet complete, we continue to the next step, so that it is “colorful” some.


Still in the “Gradient Fill” section, drop down to find the “Color” item, click the pop-up color selection interface, select red.


After setting the color, adjust the transparency section below, the recommended setting range is 40% to 50%, for example, the author set here is 42%. This setting means that the color has a visual representation similar to a gradient.


Continue to scroll down and find “Text Outline”, click to expand this option, then set the text border to “Solid” and close the right side. The significance of this setting is that the text has to achieve the outline, while the text inside with color overlap and color changes, the formula will look more three-dimensional.


Finally finished, you can see the specific effect. The upper and lower parts of the formula, respectively, for two colors, there is a natural transition between the middle, rather than a clear-cut color. Moreover, through the solid line text border “outline”, the formula of three-dimensional sense also jumped out on the paper, the effect is very outstanding.


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