Mobile Crosstalk: Make the phone status bar time accurate to the second

Generally speaking, Android phones can only show the hour and minute, but not the current seconds, which is not friendly to users who want to master the time accurately. So, how to make the phone can show the change of seconds in the status bar?

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To achieve this purpose, we need to install “QuickShortcutMaker” (English name is QuickShortcutMaker), after the phone installed the APP and run, first in the top search bar search “demo” and enter the “system interface demo mode” interface.

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Next, go to “Startup → Status Bar”, find the time option and set it to “Show hours, minutes and seconds”.

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At this point, and then back to the status bar, the time is not already accurate to the second?

05wjccs sj 05

After modifying the settings, even if we uninstall Quick Launch, it is still valid, if you want to restore the initial state, you need to do it again as above and select “Show hours and minutes (default)”. This app is a very rich and powerful system configuration application, you should try not to use it to modify other system functions, otherwise it may cause various abnormal problems.

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