System hacks: Make up for the shortcomings of the settings with Microsoft Edge

Although Microsoft Edge has a lot of user-customizable options in the Settings menu, sometimes we encounter some problems that cannot be solved by its own settings in the process of using the browser. At this time, you can make use of Windows Local Group Policy Editor to make up for the shortcomings of Edge’s own settings.

Tip: To set the Microsoft Edge Group Policy item, start the Local Group Policy Editor, and then expand to the “Local Computer Policy → User Configuration → Administrative Templates → Windows Components → Microsoft Edge” branch step by step for specific operations (Figure 1).


1. What to do if you can’t install extensions

If you cannot add the downloaded extensions for Microsoft Edge, locate the Microsoft Edge branch of Group Policy, find and double-click the “Allow extensions” item, and select Enable.

2. F11 start full-screen browsing fails

If switching Edge full-screen display with F11 control key fails, try to set the “Allow full-screen mode” option to “Enabled” under Microsoft Edge branch of Group Policy.

3. Private Mode Access Failure

Microsoft Edge’s private browsing mode (InPrivate) allows browsing web pages without leaving a trace. If you find that you cannot switch to this environment, you can set the “Allow InPrivate browsing” item under the above branch in Group Policy to On.

4. Can’t save history

If you find that Edge cannot leave the access history for backtracking, you can go to the Group Policy window to see if “Allow history saving” is disabled, and then enable it. If you find that the next time you start Microsoft Edge after turning on the “Allow history to be saved” option, the browsing history is still completely lost, you can check whether another option in Group Policy, “Allow clear browsing data on exit”, is turned on. “If it is on, you can disable it (Figure 2).


5. No customizable search engine

Edge allows users to change the default search engine address and add new search engines and switch between them at will. If you find that this feature does not work, you can check the policy “Allow custom search engine” option is disabled, it can be turned on.

Cannot open the developer settings page

If you encounter the situation that you cannot access the developer options after pressing the F12 key, you can set it to “Disabled” or “Unconfigured” through the “Block access to about:flags page in Microsoft Edge” item of Group Policy. “Not configured” state. 7.

7. Favorites cannot be edited or new content added

Set “Block changes to favorites on Microsoft Edge” to “Disabled” in Group Policy to unblock favorites.

8. Reject troublesome Adobe Flash confirmation

If you need to click the “Confirm Adobe Flash” button every time when you play some web videos, and even if you turn on the Flash setting in Edge settings, it still happens. In this case, in addition to checking whether the “Allow Adobe Flash” option is enabled in Group Policy, you also need to check whether the “Configure Adobe Flash on-demand settings” is disabled or not. (Figure 3).


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