Mobile Skewer: Make your phone unlockable only with a password

Face (unstructured light) and fingerprint unlocking are convenient, but they both have a small embarrassment: while the owner is sleeping, someone can simply hold your phone in front of your face (some phones can not recognize open/closed eyes) or press your finger on the screen to unlock it. So, how can you prevent the “pillow man” from spying on your privacy?


Huawei/ Honor phone system can avoid the above problem after upgrading EMUI 9.0 version. Take Honor V20 as an example, go to “Settings → Security and Privacy → Lock Screen Password”, click “Security Lock Settings” and turn on “Use Lock Mode in Shutdown Interface”.



Next, when we go to bed, just press and hold the power button, you will find that in addition to the shutdown and reboot buttons there is also a “lock mode” option.


After clicking it, as long as the phone enters the lock screen state, the system will automatically block the face recognition and fingerprint unlock function, after lighting up the screen will automatically enter the unlock interface to enter the password, if the other party does not know the password you set, you can only dry eyes.

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