Make your system lighter See who’s taking up space on my C drive

C drive is also the system partition that we usually use for network drives, its remaining capacity size is a matter of great concern to users, after all, hibernation files, running temporary files, installation of temporary files, decompression of temporary files, etc. to use this space, the capacity is really small pour not open, but many large-capacity software, including Windows itself can not avoid unnecessary space occupation, there are several terrible software in The C drive capacity is eaten up in a stealthy way. In order to make the system disk more “clean”, we have to think of some ways to make it back to its original state.

The first step to do is naturally to clean up the junk files “produced” by Windows itself, open “This PC”, right-click on the C drive and select “Properties”, a new window, click Click on “Disk Cleanup” in the new window. Click on “Clean up system files” in the pop-up window, and then check the types of files you think you need to delete and clean up, the system will automatically generate “junk file removal”.


The second thing you need to clean up is something you may not pay much attention to – the chat logs of WeChat and QQ. The pictures and videos in chat groups can leave a lot of files behind over time, so it is necessary to clean them up. If you don’t feel the need to save the records, you can also just click on “Clear Chat History”. If you don’t feel the need to keep the records, you can also click “Clear Chat History”.


The third step is to press the shortcut key “Win+i” to call out the settings, click “System” and then click “Storage” in the left column, here you can further delete some useless temporary files In addition, it is recommended to check the “Storage Aware” function, so that you can avoid manual deletion in the future, the system will automatically clean up.


The fourth adjustable part is not actually deleting cleanup files, but compressing and reducing hibernation files, which can effectively save storage space. First, press the Start button, type CMD in the menu and click on the matching command prompt.


Then enter the command “powercfg hibernate size **” in the command prompt and enter to execute it. The range is from 40% to 80%, the smaller the number, the longer the hibernation and wake-up time may be, so according to their own use to decide.


After these four steps of cleaning and compressing and optimizing, the storage space of C drive will be fully freed up, thus effectively ensuring the operation efficiency of the system, interested readers do not put a try.

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