Office hacks: Making interactive test slides

Currently all kinds of teaching occasions are increasingly being taught and tested via the web. For the average user, the technical requirements are complex if they write their own test pages. However, if you make use of the test templates in third-party software, you can very easily create interactive test slides and design the answer feedback page according to your needs. Next, let’s see how to create interactive test slides with Wondershare QuizCreator (Figure 1).


Run Wondershare QuizCreator, click “Create a new quiz”, and double-click the desired question type on the left side of the window (you can also click the “Questions” button and select the desired question type under it). For example, multiple-choice questions. In the pop-up window, enter the question you want in the “Enter Question” box, enter the alternative answer to the question in the “Select” box of “Enter Choice”, and select the answer in the Select the correct answer for the test question at “Correct” (Figure 2).


Tip: The picture in the test can be inserted through the “Image” button, and the position of the picture can be controlled by inserting a space at the “Enter question”.

Next, in the “Set feedback and score” section, set the required score in the “correct” and “incorrect” rows corresponding to the score; click “In the pop-up window, you can enter the text, picture and sound that will be displayed when the correct answer is selected. By the same token, the hints that appear when “Incorrect” is selected can also be set by “More” corresponding to the “Incorrect” line (Figure 3). For sound prompts, you can select existing sound files or record the sound effects you need.


After all questions are added, click “Test Properties” in the window, and in the “Test Information” tab of the pop-up window, set the display page, introduction and whether to display test statistics. In the “Quiz Results” tab, you can set the passing rate, time limit, and answer submission strategy according to your needs; in the “Question Settings” tab, you can set the score, question font, answer font, and feedback tips for the questions. In the “Other” tab, you can set password protection, etc. (Figure 4).


Finally, click “Publish” and select the desired file type to publish. After publishing, you can view the results.

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There are many other software to create interactive test slides like this, such as Articulate Storyline 3, easyQuizzy, and so on. But one of them, easyQuizzy software, is much easier and more convenient to operate. Run easyQuizzy, click on the “Quiz Info” tab, and enter the test title (Quiz Name), description of the test (Description), and author (Author) as needed (Figure 5).


Click on the “Questions and Answers” tab, select “1” in the left window, and select the desired question type in “Question Type” (Multiple Choice for single choice questions, Polar Question for right and wrong questions, Multiple Response for multiple choice questions, Sequence for sorting questions, Matching for matching questions, Short Answer for simple questions). (Multiple Choice for single choice, Polar Question for right and wrong, Multiple Response for multiple choice, Sequence for sorting, Matching for matching, Short Answer for simple question), for example, select Matching, enter the question title in the For example, if you choose Matching, enter the question title at “Question”, enter the matching answer in the left and right boxes at “Answers”, and click “Add Answer”. Add a new matching input box (Figure 6).


After all the questions are set, click the “Quiz Settings” tab to set the number of questions the respondent needs to answer, whether the questions are displayed randomly, whether the answers are displayed randomly, the time limit, etc. (Figure 7).


Finally, click “Save and Run” to display the test results (Figure 8).



The pictures and formulas needed in the question or answer can be inserted through the corresponding buttons, and the pictures can be selected and changed in size with the mouse. If you want to add a question, you can click “Add Blank Question” in the left window to add it.

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