Office hacks: making PPT arrow loop set

PowerPoint even comes with a special chart tool, SmartArt, which is used with great frequency. But despite this, there are still many types of charts. Next, let’s see how to use the iSlide plug-in’s “Loop Layout” feature to create a segmented circular chart of the relationship chart (Figure 1).


First, download and install the iSlide plugin. Create a new blank slide and set the background color. Select the “Insert” tab, hold down the Shift key, insert a circle in the shape, and then insert an arrow. Drag the yellow control points of these two shapes separately, adjust their shapes as needed, and center the “circle” and “arrow” up and down, left and right (Figure 2).


Select “Arrows” in the graphic, choose “iSlide” tab, click “Design Layout→Loop Layout”, in the pop-up window, set the number of arrows as needed (i.e. In the pop-up window, set the number of arrows as needed (i.e., separate the circle into several parts); drag the scroll bar at the “Layout Radius” to adjust so that the tip of each arrow is in the middle of the circle track; select “Auto Rotate” in the rotation mode, and choose the layout direction as needed (Figure 3). The layout direction can be selected as needed (Figure 3).


Next, hold down Ctrl + A all selected graphics, select the “Format” tab, click “Merge Shapes → Split”, and then delete the excess with the mouse (Figure 4).


Next, select the different parts of the split graphics, according to the need to set the fill color of the shape, set to no border. Finally, insert the corresponding icons as needed, with the necessary text description, a beautiful arrow loop chart is completed.

Application extension: In fact, the use of iSlide plug-in “ring layout” and other shapes, you can also create a more beautiful loop set. For example, the use of sectors and circles and other graphics for the combination, split, you can create an alternative loop set (Figure 5).


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