Malware Hunter Review

This program is accessible on windows 10, 8,7, XP plus vista end users and costs $24.97 per year for an individual-PC authorization, malware hunter is relatively an imponderable software which eases the detection and protection of malwares while stuffing additional instruments for advancement and clearing out. This software prides itself on virus scan, internet protection, USB protection, computer advancement and clearing out. Apparently, this software is a marriage of traditional malware cleaner and computer utility.

During the review, I found this software to be extremely accessible and lacking none of those geeky sophistry of hardcore security (anti-virus) as well as malware software like Avast or Malwarebytes. The rapid check option fixed over 90 index problems under 7 minutes while the deep scan option scanned for close to 2 hours. With a 30-days limited trial period and lack of complicated options, it is clear that this software targets users who desire a complete resolution for both the malware safety as well as lightweight computer utility. Benn a relatively new player to the market, Malware Hunter is accessible on only Windows.

What I Like

· It is amongst the choicest user interfaces for an antivirus

· Common scanning procedure

· Decent degree of discovering signature in the Avira engine

· Additional equipment for PC access

What I Don’t Like

· No capacity to check single files as well as folders during clean up

· Details under check cannot be sent out

· No suitable technical standard and backing

· Floating windows are pretty annoying

· No backup of system before carrying out cleaning

Swift exploration

Why confide in me?

Hey there. I’m accustomed with using several PC support tools for more than 12 years now, consistently searching for means to advance and integrate my PC usage. For many years, I have proved and also penned things on software, in a bid to provide readers with an impartial view of the tools on bid from the perspective of a learner.

Having downloaded malware hunter V. from Glarysoft’s website, all features of this software will be in check for a couple of days and I will be correlating it with related tools I have handled in times past in two window PCs having dissimilar software and hardware onboard.

In drafting this review, all features of malware hunter have been tested. From the basic standard virus scan choice selection to the speed up and clear out function, and the time used in getting acquainted with every details of the software. All through this article, you should have a grasp of which tools are appropriate for you, and get a view of the properties, and the advantages and disadvantages of putting this software to use.

What Is Malware Hunter?


Malware hunter was created by Glarysoft which gives full tutelage (protection) from all kinds of dangers, safe guards your data, secures your privacy and keeps your PC free from virus. This is a collection of equipment devised to aid clearing junk files from your PC and guarantees its swift and smooth running.

Its Avira based AV engine and rapid scan are the principal enthrallments. When your computer is scanned, it reveals existing traces of software viruses, system synthesis, hacks and registry problems. The speedup function allows you to manually configure your system to your specific preference. However, I’d suggest leaving this option alone except you know what you are doing. Lastly, its advancement record clears your PC of junks and frees up memory.

Does malware hunter come without a charge?

Of course not. although there are free trials which you can download without a fee but it is limited to a trial period of 30 days.

This free trial period is pretty long to validate whether you like it or not, although there are limitations without having a license such as no automatic protection as well as having to scan manually.

What is the price of malware hunter?

If you wish to continue use and have full-time protection after the free trial period has elapsed, you will need to acquire a license which costs $24.97 for a year for an individual-PC which is pretty cheap when it comes to antivirus. Most antivirus usually cost between $30 — $70, therefore, Malware Hunter is quite market competitive by offering a cheaper sale. Compared to Malwarebytes, a competitor who offers protection at $39.99 per year, Malware Hunter undercuts this by around $15. one downside however is; while other Antivirus works across all platform, Malware Hunter is just limited to Windows alone.

Is Malware Hunter safe guarded?

Absolutely. Having downloaded this program from the developer’s website, I have not encountered any issues after installation on two different PCs. No malware or viruses has been flagged and there has been no issues on compatibility with any other software.

Malware hunter should pose safe for your use, sensitive file was deleted and you may choose to cancel any deletion at any point. I have not encountered any issue with this program — erasing things that it shouldn’t. however, it is pertinent to state here that it is necessary to take precautions in order not remove anything important by mistake.

It would have been better if the option to create a system restore point is included before the cleanup delete obsolete registry entry and other plugins. Also, further details on what precise files are being erased during a clear out would be appreciated, in order to take out all skepticism about what’s being done exactly.

A Review of Its Features and Benefits



The principal feature of malware hunter rapidly reviews memory, startup pieces and major areas of your file system. Reasonable choices are made while scanning, investigating ample areas that would prove useful, but just adequate so there is no queue for awaiting results, taking about 6 minutes to conclude the quick scan. A deep scan however, taking close to 2 hours.

The job of a distinct custom scam is to help in picking those items you would prefer checked, specialized files and folders inclusive as well as accord you some control on how they operate. In addition, Malware hunter maintains easy URL, filtering, discovering and obstructing all efforts to connect vicious links as well as USB drive protection. It also scans files when saved and when it’s not closed.


Excluded from the professional lab tests is malware hunter, thus it is quite difficult to benchmark it in comparison with another antivirus. However, it will be enough for a second-base antivirus and not a front-line antivirus as it lacks spick and span of full-fledged antivirus.

Clearing out (Clean up)

The clean up for malware hunter up has deep roots to Glarysoft utilities. Therefore, it ticks the box of managing autorun, registry cleaner, obsolete software remover and many more.

Reasons Behind My Ratings

Effectiveness: 4/5

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Malware Hunter works pretty well. It identifies malware and performs PC cleanup as well. This antivirus rigid registry issue offers internet protection and many more.

It may lack the details that leading antivirus possesses, but for this price point, it is pretty cost-effective.

Price: 5/5

This software has a restricted 30-days free trial, after which it costs $24.97. The duration for free trial allows you familiarize yourself with the software program and let it grow on you. Its cheap price and extra features compared to other anti-virus on the market make it competitive as well as difficult to fault.

Utility (ease of use):5/5

It is not in my jurisdiction to judge how basic it appears to put the malware hunter to use. In a short period of some minutes, I was able to download and install this program, my PC was scanned, my registry was fixed plus junks were also has a great UI outlook and it is quick and super easy to use. It is flawless and simple and at the same time presents all information needed without clicking through complicated menus or conceiving technical terms.

Support: 2/5

Support form Glarysoft is limited to mail support as the FAQs and other knowledge bases only deal with their other products and not Malware Hunter. There is no manual, no phone support and no online chat, even if it is with a bot.


Malware Hunter is pretty good for average users, but it is not the case for others. Many people won’t need the extra function, while other will want more in an antivirus. If you’d like something other than Malware Hunter, then you might want to go for:

Malwarebytes — an anti-malware software for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Android, and iOS that finds and removes malware. Made by Malwarebytes Corporation, it more platform support, protection against malware, ransomware, malicious websites, and other advanced online threats.

Ahnlab V3 Internet Security — adjudged the best antivirus by, Ahnlab offer best in class protection against malware infections (such as viruses, worms or Trojan horses).


If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for virus detection protection and PC maintenance, you can’t go far wrong with Glarysoft’s Malware Hunter.

From malware detection, clearing up space and shortening boot times to registry fixes, this program does offer something for everyone. If only for its ease of use, intuitive design and efficiency when searching out unwanted files to delete, Malware Hunter is a worthwhile addition to any PC.

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