System hacks: Manage Edge home button configuration with Group Policy

Edge homepage configuration can generally be selected through the Customize Microsoft Edge Open Form list on the Edge software settings page (Figure 1). Sometimes, however, we need to specify a certain home page form and lock it. The home button may even be hidden depending on the needs of the environment. These tasks can be easily accomplished through Windows Group Policy settings.


First, press the Win+R key combination to launch the Run dialog box, enter the GPEDIT.MSC command and enter to start the Local Group Policy Editor. Then, locate the path “Local Computer Policy → User Configuration → Administrative Templates → Windows Components → Microsoft Edge” in order (Figure 2).


Next, under the Microsoft Edge branch, locate and double-click the “Configure Home Button” option to configure the features involved in the Home button to lock, select, and unlock. The Home button loads a default start page, a new tab page, or an address defined in the Home button address policy. By defining a new policy, it is possible to manage the user-specific configuration of the home button (Figure 3).


Tip: The specific settings covered in this article are valid in Windows 10 1809 and above.

1. Lock different forms of home button

Click the Home button to load only the start page

Select “Show Home Button & Set as Start Page” option in the Configure Home Button list to load only the start page after clicking the Home button.

Click the Home button to load the specified page.

If you want to open a specific page after clicking the Home button, you need to select the “Show Home button & Set specific page” option under the Configure Home button list. The specific page can be added from the Edge settings page.

Click the Home button to open a new page

If you select the “Show Home Button & Set as New Tab” option policy, you can open a new tab page after clicking the Home button. 2.

2. Block changing Edge home screen

By default, the “Configure Home Button” policy is disabled or not configured, and clicking the Home button will load the default start page of the browser. When this policy is enabled, the Home button will be locked according to the mode selected by the user, and user settings for the Microsoft Edge home screen will be blocked (Figure 4).


How to unlock the Home button: Enable the “Unlock Home button” policy under the same branch to unlock the restrictions on changing the Home button interface.

Tip: If you want to hide the home button in Edge, you can hide the home button in Edge by selecting the “Hide Home Button” option in the “Configure Home Button” option list of Configure Home Button.

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